What Our Students Has To Say.....

Sunil kumar SeeramSunil kumar Seeram
02:23 23 Feb 24
I would highly recommend 3rd eye academy for preparation of CFP. Review of the financial plan by Karim sir was extremely helpful. He teaches the course too which gives the student a practical aspect of Financial Planning
Bhavani PrasadBhavani Prasad
01:59 23 Feb 24
Exceptional mentor! Provides profound insights into financial management, breaking down complex concepts with clarity. His guidance has been invaluable in enhancing my understanding and decision-making skills in the realm of finance."
Ravi Teja GogulaRavi Teja Gogula
05:24 22 Feb 24
For the people who is seriously looking for financial planning training. 3rd Eye Academy is the perfect place to gain in depth financial planning knowledge. Excellent training with real world examples. Thank you Karim sir.
Vidyarani KhochareVidyarani Khochare
01:19 22 Feb 24
3rd EYE Academy is exceptional! Karim Sir makes financial education understandable even for kids. My 11-year-old son learned complex terms with ease. Their dedication, professionalism, and affiliation with FPSB ensure top-notch education. If you want not only you but also your family to grasp critical financial skills in a supportive environment, this is the place. Thank you, Karim Sir!
3rd Eye Academy is an excellent starting point for your financial education journey. Learning here has been fantastic; Karim sir's teaching approach provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Karim sir's passionate teaching extends beyond the course curriculum, delving into each topic to help us grasp its nuances. I am delighted to be associated with 3rd Eye Academy.
arjun karjun k
05:35 21 Feb 24
I recently had the privilege of taking a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) training course at 3rd Eye Academy for Financial Studies, where Karim Lakhani served as our instructor. Without a doubt, I can say that my experience was nothing short of exceptional.Karim Lakhani's expertise and talent in the field are truly commendable. He possesses a deep understanding of financial concepts and has a remarkable ability to explain even the most complex topics with clarity and precision. Throughout the course, he went above and beyond to ensure that every student understood the material thoroughly, patiently addressing any questions or concerns that arose.In addition to his teaching abilities, Karim's commitment to his students' success is evident in his approach to instruction. He provides comprehensive explanations, offers real-world examples, and encourages active participation, creating an engaging and dynamic learning environment that fosters growth and understanding.Overall, I cannot recommend Karim Lakhani highly enough as an instructor for CFP training or any financial studies course. His expertise, patience, and dedication make him an invaluable asset to the educational community, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned from him.
anil kumaranil kumar
05:03 21 Feb 24
This program has a unique approach to CFP exam preparation, combining virtual or in-person learning, humor, and real-world examples. It also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Ajith Kumar NadipalliAjith Kumar Nadipalli
04:06 21 Feb 24
One of the best institute to learn CFP course under the guidance with Karim sir.Sir explained with complete concept details to easily understand to convert a CFP to learn all the financial knowledge.Thank you Karim Sir😀😀
Praveenraj BachewalPraveenraj Bachewal
03:14 21 Feb 24
It is highly recommended to join with the 3rd EYE Institute for CFP.I will let you know the couple reasons why an individual should join this 3rd Eye.First thing is, 3rd Eye Institute is registered with the FPSB. i.e. Registered and Recognized by FPSB.Karim Lakhani is the trainer, who has almost 2 decades of experience in running this institute.Karim is not only providing the training through this 3rd Eye, but also he is providing Financial Planning Advisory Services since the last 2 decades.i.e. Karim is having training and as well as advisory experience(real time) which is a perfect combination, where he is having 100% theory and practical knowledge.Course is thoroughly explained by Karim step by step in a sequential order, he further simplifies concepts, so a common man who is not from the finance background can also easily understand. For each concept Karim will explain / gives more than one explanation. Karim also relates each concept with real time execution.Karim is also available to help even after the classes. He is having friendly and as well as professional behaviour.Even i explain more also it is less. But one thing is for sure that you definitely going to see a big change in your professional life after taking the course through the 3rd Eye.Apart from the all above the course fees is very reasonable when comparing to other institutes.
02:35 15 Jan 24
Best Institute for CFP Certification.Major reason for selecting 3rd EYE Academy was that Karim Lakhani sir practices CFP as well as he teaches the course too which gives the student a practical aspect of Financial Planning and not just restrict you to the theoretical knowledge.Grateful to 3rd EYE Academy for Financial Studies for the guidance.
Subappradha SRSubappradha SR
05:50 03 Jan 24
Totally 5 out of 5!! This is more that an academy where the faculty not only teaches you but handholds you till you excel in the modules and exams!! I am highly satisfied with the teaching time, process, methodologies used and training provided. Highly recommended for this stream of learning.
Saurabh AggarwalSaurabh Aggarwal
18:18 22 Nov 23
I would highly recommend 3rd eye academy for preparation of CFP. Review of the financial plan by Karim sir was extremely helpful. He provides one to one sessions of review of financial plan. The actual questions was very much in sync with preparation done in the classes. Every last minute doubt was solved by Karim sir.Highly recommended !!
etikyala gangarajuetikyala gangaraju
12:46 15 Sep 23
Everything is excellent
Srinivas VelpukondaSrinivas Velpukonda
12:43 15 Sep 23
Excellent traing Session learned lot of matter in this traing hope we get confidence to pass the exam.Thank you..
Shiva PolkamShiva Polkam
12:42 15 Sep 23
I have learn good knowledge gain by this session I hope it will give good carrier grouth...Thanks for HDFC BANK give this opportunity.....
Surasani LingareddySurasani Lingareddy
12:41 15 Sep 23
Good understanding and useful to my exam
Sandeep InarlaSandeep Inarla
12:41 15 Sep 23
Excellent session . So much knowledge gain tq sir.
Mohammad GhouseMohammad Ghouse
12:45 08 Sep 23
Really true session with Karim sir 😄 got solution for a all questions
santosh biswalsantosh biswal
12:43 08 Sep 23
Nice institution to learn
srikanth gandhamsrikanth gandham
12:36 08 Sep 23
Training was very helpfull and explanations with examples was much easier to remember.Srikanth
Azhar uddinAzhar uddin
12:35 08 Sep 23
Karim Lakhani sir explanation was awesome and his teaching was very helpfull I recommend him
P anilkumarP anilkumar
12:35 08 Sep 23
Very good experience Karim Lakhani
T P SuryaprakashT P Suryaprakash
02:00 09 May 23
I am grateful for the education I received from Karim Lakhani Sir during my CFP Certification. The dedicated faculty, who created a supportive environment positively impacted my learning journey.Thank you once again for providing me with a quality education.I wish you continued success in your mission to empower and educate students.RegardsSuryaprakash,GM-Product Research & Development @ Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd.
13:43 11 Feb 23
I always didn’t like this subject which is playing major role in my career path but Karrem Sir, looking at how passionately you teach the subjects, this became my all-time favorite. You are the one who showed the path as lodestar. The course pursued in 2018, which helped lot in my career and placed me as a Topper throughout the years till now. I am ever thankful to you sir.
Pradeep PatelPradeep Patel
03:11 09 Feb 23
I have attended CFP all four subjects trainingMr Karim,s training is very interesting and has lot of patience he very good coach for CFP
kishore kumarkishore kumar
08:44 07 Feb 23
Awesome mentor who never lost his patience..Very clear explanation to follow and encourages every time.. I am fortunate to enroll in 3rd Eye... highly recommended for all the aspirants
Pavan KumarPavan Kumar
16:32 29 Jan 23
Mr.Karim is obviously an expert in Financial Planning, and it was great to be able to learn from him. He is a great Presenter, Great Content and highly relevant information. He gives specific enough examples that can then be used. Clear, concise and extremely practical.
Pratibha BoppanaPratibha Boppana
01:29 28 Jan 23
3rd Eye is a very good trainer for CFP and related certifications. The knowledge and content of the institute is immensely good. They will make your learning easy.
Nabila SarwathNabila Sarwath
16:47 27 Jan 23
It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience to have learnt and clear my CFP examination under Mr. Karim H Lakhani. He has talent of making difficult topics understandable. I would definitely recommend all the students to enroll under 3rd Eye Academy for gaining CFP certification.
praveen kumarpraveen kumar
07:16 24 Jan 23
I am from 2016-17 batch. We used to have off-line classes in Himayath Nagar 3rd Eye Academy institute and classes starts at 7.00am everyday. Mr Karim Lakhani is a student centric teacher and concentrates each individual progress on learning. I can say he is a guide to every one. I can strongly recommend CFP aspirants to consider Mr Karim Lakhani classes.I completed my CFP in 2017 and working as a Wealth Head.
Rajni SharanRajni Sharan
17:40 23 Jan 23
3rd eye academy is truly a very good platform for the students who want to learn finance for their career growth. This was my first time when I met the instructor, Mr. Karim lakhani in investment planning module. He explained each topic so nicely that a lay man can understand what investment planning is all about. Then comes my preparation of CFP exam. Lot many institutions were there offering classes for CFP preparation but I chose 3rd eye academy. It not only taught the basics of all modules, presented many case studies but also given me the confidence of writing the test. Because of Mr. Lakhani's teaching style and confidence, i was able to clear my CFP exam in one attempt and that too with good rank.Thank you sir for being my mentor, my guru..
Priyanka BaldawaPriyanka Baldawa
16:57 23 Jan 23
Best faculty for CFPcm. Mr. Karim Lakhani's way of teaching is something unique which i have never seen till date.
Manish GuptaManish Gupta
10:57 10 Oct 22
I just completed my CFP certification with the help of 3rd Eye Academy. The learning provided by Karim was the reason how I was able to complete this in my first attempt. It was not just the examination but practical learning that Karim gave helped me to understand the intricacies of financial planning not just for clients but also for myself. I would highly recommend his course for whosoever is planning CFP for professional or personal reasons.
Trupti JalanTrupti Jalan
15:26 11 Jun 21
Looking for CFP training then 3rd eye is the best institute. Karim sir gives the complete guidance and support. His teaching makes it very easy to understand. Especially during the students exam, he provides complete support with additional time and attention making sure his students clear the exam.
Chandra SekharChandra Sekhar
12:39 16 May 21
I have recently through with CFP. Had gone through the training program by a very professional trainer Mr. Karim ji is simply awesome in encouraging people to understand the importance and practicing Financial Planning. 3rd Eye Academy is the highly recommend Institute for somebody who want to complete their CFP program.
Abhay SinhaAbhay Sinha
13:09 23 Apr 21
An excellent mentor to many aspirants who dream of acquiring CFP Certification. At 3rd Eye Academy, Mr. Karim not only teaches CFP Curriculum but also leads the way as he is an expert in the field of Financial Planning. He always guides clients in their best interests. He is a thorough Professional with the Personal Touch. 3rd EYE Academy ROCKS!👍👍👍
Ritu SekhaniRitu Sekhani
15:54 05 Apr 21
I was very much nervous about the CFP course but I'm glad that I got Karim Sir as my mentor. His vast knowledge on the subject area and his patience with every student of his was commendable. If you're looking for a mentor to guide you and support you in this journey of CFP or any Finance related course, he is one of the bests. I'm glad I'm your student. Thank you so much, sir.

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Approved Qualifications/Professional Certifications

Work Experience

Not Applicable to Enroll

3 years of relevant work experience is required

Required Exam

Investment Planning Specialist
Retirement & Tax Planning Specialist
Risk & Estate Planning Specialist
Integrated Financial Planning

Integrated Financial Planning






Investment Planning Specialist

Risk and Estate Planning Specialist

Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist

Integrated Financial Planning


National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) has renewed its accreditation of FPSB Ltd.’s CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification. NISM renewed its accreditation of the 19-year-old CFP certification program in India after reviewing FPSB Ltd.’s application, which outlined FPSB Ltd.’s mission, reputation, global affiliations, financial strength and policies and quality standards related to curriculum development and exam administration for the CFP certification program in India. NISM’s accreditation of the CFP certification is valid from 1 March 2022 until 28 February 2024, and is eligible to be renewed every two years, subject to program monitoring and approval by NISM.

“FPSB Ltd. is pleased that India’s CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals offering investment advice are eligible to register as Investment Advisers under Securities and Exchange Board of India regulations,” said Noel Maye, CEO of FPSB Ltd. “FPSB Ltd. and the community of over 2,300 CFP professionals in India are committed to benefiting the Indian public by establishing, upholding and promoting competency, ethics and practice standards and certification requirements for CFP professionals and for the financial planning profession in India. The accreditation by NISM strengthens our efforts to attract a new pool of talent into the financial planning profession in India.”

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