Chartered Trust and Estate Planner

What is CTEP?

CHARTERED TRUST & ESTATE PLANNER (CTEP ) is unique and the only Trust Planning certification in India. This certification comprehensively deals with all the aspects of Estate Planning And Trust Planning like Asset Protection, Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, Succession Planning, Creation of Wills & Trusts, Trust Management, International Trust Structures, Philanthropic Planning, Cross Border Estate Planning and Estate Tax Planning issues globall

Background of CTEP

American Academy of Financial Management India Private Limited, AAFM India (AAFMI) was established under the banner of ® ® American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM ), USA and started its operation in the year 2011 as its Indian Chapter with the objective to work in the Financial Services Domain as a Standard Setting Body in India to promote Wealth Management and Financial Advisory Services. ® AAFM India is responsible for establishing Curriculum Design, Certification of membership and licensing standards in India. AAFM India offers various Certifications, Designations and other Educational Programs offered by AAFM including the prestigious and highest designation globally recognized in the Field of Estate Planning “CHARTERED TRUST & ESTATE TM PLANNER (CTEP )



Conflicts relating to succession are almost as old as recorded history. Most famous Indian epics have an undertone of problems related to, and the importance of succession. Problems in succession planning take many forms – ‘The Aurangzeb syndrome’ is a classic case of the potential heirs of the family fighting over the succession of the family estate – something that recurs fairly regularly in corporate India. The number of affluent Indians has doubled over the past decade and many of them are entering or have already transitioned into retirement. Estate Planning is becoming increasingly necessary for these individuals to ensure a planned succession, avoid family feuds leading to disintegration of businesses and lengthy court battles. Also, if Estate Duty is reinstated in India today or in the near
future, Estate Planning may turn out to be the best tool to minimize the Estate Duty. Even today, many of India’s wealthy do not even have a Will, which can lead to a number of issues at the time of succession of assets on the demise of the individual. When questioned, most ultra HNIs admitted to knowing what estate planning is, but we found that their familiarity, comfort and interaction with professional estate planners was low. With the changing education paradigm in India, ultra HNIs are making way for the next generation in their enterprises quite early on. Successors are being inducted in businesses at an early age; they are getting involved across functions to understand nitty-gritties, and to build relationships with key people in an organization.

Estate Planning services are provided by Wealth Management Divisions of Banks, Leading Law Firms, Family Offices and specialized organizations floated for Estate Planning Services.


12 pass, however certification will be provided on graduation.

Graduates with recognized degrees / diplomas in Finance, Accounting, Economics or Business, etc.



CTEP has only one Level


Unit 1 – Introduction to Estate Planning – Estate Planning Process
Unit 2 – Legalities of Succession Planning – Succession Laws, Trust Laws
Unit 3 – Indian Taxation Laws – Tax Planning through Succession
Unit 4 – Trust Planning in India – Tax Planning through Trusts
Unit 5 – Advanced Estate and Succession Planning – Creating Estate Plan Solutions
Unit 6 – International Trust and Estate Planning – Cross Border Trusts & Estate Planning



Only one Exam

No Negative Marking

Flexible Examination Pattern

2 Hours Examination

Round the Year Examination

Maximum of 150 Marks

50% Passing Marks

MCQ based (Objective Type)

Fee Structure

 Registration: Rs. 34220/- (Inclusive of Study Material)

Exam Fees : Rs. 4000 + GST/-

Renewal Fees: Rs. 11800/-

Certification Fee: USD 100


Registration: USD 1000 (Inclusive of Study Material)

Exam Fees : USD 100

Renewal Fees: USD 250

Certification Fee: USD 100



Registration is valid for a period of 12 Calendar Months.