Chartered Wealth Manager

What is CWM?

CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER (CWM ) is unique and the only Wealth Management certification in India. This certification comprehensively deals with all the aspects of wealth management like Investment Strategies, Life Cycle Management, Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, Relationship Management, Behavioural Finance, Alternative Products, Real Estate Valuation and Global Taxation.

Background of CWM

American Academy of Financial Management India Private Limited, AAFM India (AAFMI) was established under the banner of ® ® American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM ), USA and started its operation in the year 2011 as its Indian Chapter with the objective to work in the Financial Services Domain as a Standard Setting Body in India to promote Wealth Management and Financial Advisory Services. AAFM India is responsible for establishing Curriculum Design, Certification of membership and licensing standards in India. ® AAFM India offers various Certifications, Designations and other Educational Programs offered by AAFM including the prestigious and highest designation globally recognized in the Field of Wealth Management “CHARTERED WEALTH ® MANAGER” (CWM ).

Why CWM?

Global wealth is projected to rise by nearly 26% over the next five years, reaching USD 399 trillion by 2023. Emerging markets are responsible for 32% of the growth, although they account for just 21% of current wealth. Number of millionaires in India in 2018 is 343000 which is likely to change 526000 in 2023 with a growth rate of 31%. Source: Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, 2018 “Demand for private bankers is making wealth management the most sought-after profession within the financial services sector where a top banker managing an active investment book in excess of Rs 4,000 crore can consistently earn a total annual compensation of Rs 3-4 crore”. Indian Wealth Managers earn as much or even more than Global Private Bankers – Upto 20 – 25% of revenue generated (against 12 – 18% Globally). Source: ET Times, July 17, 2018 ® This important executive education program, CWM Certification has been extensively remodelled for India and is designed to
equip you with the skill and expertise to take your wealth management activities to the next level of professionalism.


AAFM is a renowned Global name in financial education with presence in 151+Countries and over 300000 Certificants Globally ® which is committed to make quality education available to everyone regardless of their geographical location and age limit. AAFM ® offers exclusive certified designations, charters, and master’s certification to candidates who meet the high standards. AAFM now has representative offices in the US World Trade Center N.O. Center, Hong Kong, Beijing, India, Dubai, Kuwait, Latin America and South America, Singapore, The Caribbean, Europe, and more.

AAFM India is an accredited CPE Provider for NISM Certifications for Continuous Professional Education and has already trained 15,000+ Professionals and is present across India by virtue of its License Partners & Trainers. CWM ACCREDITATION BY NISM (Under SEBI – Investment Advisers Regulations, 2013)


12 pass, however certification will be provided on graduation.


Compulsory Pathway

NO Prior work Experience in Financial Services

Candidate needs to appear for Level 1 & Level 2 examinations

Experience Pathway

Minimum 3 years work experience in a Financial Services Related Field

Candidate needs to appear for only Level 2 examination

Corporate Pathway

Every representative of Corporate Member can register through this route and avail price benefit

No. of Examination will be depended on the years of work experience candidate holds


There are Two Levels of CWM

Level 1 – Foundation Level

Level 2 –  


Level 1 – Foundation Level

Introduction To Wealth Management

Unit 1 : Concept of Wealth Management

Unit 2 : Indian and Global Financial System

Investment Management & Planning

Unit 3 : Investment Vehicles of Wealth Management

Unit 4 : Measuring Investment Risk in Returns

Products in Wealth Management

Unit 5 : Concept of Insurance and Risk Management
Unit 6 : Role of Wealth Management in Banking

Laws in Wealth Management

Unit 7 : Legalities in Wealth Management

Unit 8 : Tax Laws for Wealth Management

Applied Wealth Management

Unit 9 : Life Cycle Management

Unit 10 : Intergenerational Wealth Transfer & Tax Planning

Level 2 – Advanced Wealth Management

Asset Classes in Wealth Management

Unit 1 : Equity Analysis

Unit 2 : Alternative Investment Products in Wealth Management

Unit 3 : Real Estate Valuation and Analysis

Managing Relationships in Wealth Management

Unit 4 : Behavioural Finance in Wealth Management

Unit 5 : Relationship Management by a Wealth Manager

Tools in Wealth Management

Unit 6 : Loan & Debt Management

Unit 7 : Portfolio Management Strategies

Unit 8 : International Taxation and Trust Planning

Wealth Management Practice

Unit 9 : Wealth Management Planning

Unit 10 : Advanced Wealth Management


Level 1 Examination
Examination Type – MCQ’s (Objective)
Duration – 3 Hours
No. of Questions – 85 Questions
Passing Criterion –
50% Passing Marks

No Negative Markings

Frequency of Examination – Monthly

Level 2 Examination*
Examination Type – MCQ’s (Objective)
No Negative Marking
Frequency of Examination – Monthly
Duration – 3 Hours
No. of Questions – 85 Questions
Passing Criterion –
50% Passing Marks

No Negative Markings

Fee Structure

Compulsory Pathway (Online Courseware)– Rs.36,580/- (31,000/- + 18.00% GST)

Compulsory Pathway (Online Courseware+Paper Back Books)– Rs.44,840/- (38.000/- + 18.00% GST)


Level 1: Rs. 4,720/- each per Examination (4,000/- + 18.00% GST)

Level 2: Rs.4,720/- each per Examination (4,000/- + 18.00% GST)

Experience Pathway candidate is exempted from Level 1 Examination. The Examination Fee is payable at the time of examination.


USD 100


Registration & Courseware Fee: USD 1000

Examination Fee: USD 200

Certification Fee: USD 100


The registration is valid for 365 days from the date of activation of registration by AAFM India and the candidate is required to complete the certification within 3 Years from the date of first registration otherwise any completed Level will be treated nullified.